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Sherod Moses Callaham or Sherod and Moses?

As one can see from the title, I want to hash out this person or people.  It is very commonly see in many genealogies that Sherod was Sherod Moses Callaham.  I have been looking at many trees and records that are available to see what I can determine about this man or men.

First we want to tackle what we know about Sherod.  He is the son of Nicholas Callaham and Mary Green.  He married Mary Ussery, daughter of John Ussery on October 3, 1786 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.  We know that she is the daughter of John because he is stated as surety of the marriage record.  This is really all I have been able to find on Sherod at this time. 

Now lets look at Mary, his wife.  On March 7, 1798, a Molly Calliham married a Mathew Calliham in Lunenburg County, Virginia.  John Ussery again served as surety.  On November 24, 1803, Mary is named in her father's will as Mary Calliham.  Mathew Calliham serves as a witness to this will.  It is believed that Molly and Mary are the same person, since Molly is a nickname for Mary and since she is a daughter of John and they both appear in the will of John Ussery in some form or fashion.

Now, lets look at what we have for Moses Callaham.  On January 1, 1800, a Moses Callaham married a Polly Ussery in Lunenburg County, Virginia.  This Polly is said to be "wife of Moses, daughter of John Ussery" in a land transaction.  On December 12,1805 sale of John Ussery's property, both Moses and Mathew buy land from John. 

I feel that Sherod and Moses must be two different people, and here is why:

1.  If Mary remarried to Mathew in 1798, then Sherod would most likely have died sometime prior.  Though I am sure it did happen, it was very uncommon for a women to leave her living husband and marry her brother-in-law in this time.  Mathew is also still alive in 1805, so Mary would still be married to him... unless she left him and went back to his brother?

2.  In 1810 census, Moses is listed as being between 26-44 years of age.  If Moses and Sherrod were the same, Sherrod would be listed as 45+ since he would have been well over 50 at the time.

3.  Polly is not necessarily the daughter of the same John Ussery.  John had a son named John, and depending on how old he was, he could have had a daughter who married Moses by 1800.   This could also explain why both men (Mathew and Moses) bought land from John Ussery's estate.

4.  If this Polly was the same one as Molly and Mary, then why did her father not serve as surety and why was she listed by her maiden name instead of her married name as she was in her previous marriage record?

I feel the confusion of Sherod and Moses comes from the fact they both married women who were named Mary Ussery (Molly and Polly are both nicknames for Mary) and both Marys were daughters of a John Ussery.  It would seem from the information gathered that Sherod and Moses were more likely two different people.  I have no idea who Moses's parents would be, except perhaps he was a cousin or brother of Sherod.  Moses would have been born after 1765 for the 1810 census to be accurate. 

Moses Callaham and Polly Ussery had the following children:  Martha, Elizabeth, Dolly, Patsey, Henry, James, John and Colin.  I have no children recorded for Sherrod and Mary Ussery, or for Mathew and Mary. 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Elam Farmer

This post will attempt to hash out all the Elam Farmers living around Chesterfield County, Virginia in the 1700s.  I am a descendant of one Elam Farmer who married a woman named Polly, through his son, George. 

The first Elam Farmer I will look at is my ancestor.  Elam Farmer was born before 1745. He died in 1811. He was married first to an unknown woman.  With this unknown woman, he had at least three children.  George was born around 1765.  Tabitha was born on February 13, 1775.  She married a Thomas Boles.  He also had a son named Elam who had died by 1811, presumably without child.  Elam, born before 1845, lists himself as Elam Farmer Sen'r in his will, so he must have had a son named Elam at some point.  On September 10, 1795, Elam married to his second wife, Polly Harding.  Some people say she is a widow and her maiden name was Hudson, but I cannot find any proof of this.  Polly was considerably younger than Elam, as she was still able to have children.  The 1810 census of Chesterfield County, Virginia lists 2 females between 0-10 in Elam's home.  One of these should be Anna Farmer, the only unmarried daughter listed in her father's will.  The other daughter is not known and probably died before the will in 1811.  Some people list the Elam Farmer who married Polly Harding was the son of Lodowick Farmer and Sarah Cheatham. Lodowick's will, however, does not mention a son named Elam. There is a connection between Elam and the Cheathams, as we see several mentions of Cheathams in Elam's will, but being that his father, Elam Farmer married second to Phebe Cheatham, that would explain the connection. Phebe and Sarah were sisters. Both children of Benjamin Cheatham and Grace Williams.

The next Elam is the one who married Lucy Nunnally.  Though I do not know for sure that her name was Lucy, it seems to be the most common name given to this Nunnelly woman.  In the will of John Nunnally, from 1765, it lists grandchildren, Elam Jr and Martha.  I feel that this Elam Jr. is my ancestor, who married second to Polly Harding.  In his will, Elam Farmer had married a second wife, Phebe Cheatham.  The following children, in addition to Elam and Martha, are listed as Henry, Lodowick, Hezekiah, Mary, Rhoda, Salley, and Judith.  

A third Elam is one who married Mary Stratton.  They were married in 1808 in Powhatan County, Virginia.  This Elam is the son of Hezekiah Farmer and grandson of the Elam and Phebe Cheatham Farmer.  Hezekiah Farmer left land to his son Elam in Powhatan County, so it seems logical that this Elam, who married and lived in Powhatan County was Hezekiah's son.  In 1820, Elam and Mary had 3 living children, 2 sons between 0 and 10 and one daughter between 0 and 10.  

In 1810, there is an Elam Farmer living in Goochland County, Virginia.  He is listed as 26-44 years old.  His wife is 16-25 years old and his children are one son, 0-10 and one son, 10-15.  I do not know where he fits in our tree.  Any help is appreciated.

In 1830, there is an Elam Farmer living in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  He is listed as 40-49.  There is no wife listed.  He has 3 sons, one is 15-19, one is 10-14, and one is 5-9.  This could be the Elam who married Mary Stratton.  His 2 sons under 10 from the 1820 census could be the two older sons.  The daughter from 1820 could have been married.  Mary could have died.  Without further information on the family, I cannot tell yet.

So, you have the following tree

Elam Farmer married Lucy Nunnelly
...Elam Farmer married unknown
......Elam Farmer
...Elam Farmer married 2nd Polly Harding
Elam Farmer married second to Phebe Cheatham
...Hezekiah Farmer
......Elam Farmer married Mary Statton. 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update on Blog

I have a new blog where I am placing my information in detail.  I am leaving this blog to hash out difficult people and post questions and concerns with research I am doing.  As you may have noticed, this blog has not been posted in since last year, almost a full year ago.  I have not been doing a lot of new research with which to write about since the birth of my daughter, so I have not had anything to write.  I still am not doing a lot of heavy research, just here and there. 

I am trying to update my new blog with my files so that they can all be viewed.  It is a slow going process, so patience is necessary!

My new blog is  Please go there to see my research.  If you look under "Introduction" you will see the trees that I have begun to enter.  Please feel free to browse and leave comments as needed.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Oscar Lyle

Wow, talk about a confusing family!  I am researching the family of Jessie B. Lyle and Caroline Cynthia Fleeman.  They had a son named Oscar born in 1872, according to the 1880 census records.  I wanted to try and find out if Oscar had any children or even married, and being a somewhat uncommon name, I though that would be easy!  Boy was I wrong.

Did you know there were TWO Oscar Lyles born in 1872... both living in Jackson County, Georgia...  Both married women named Ella... Come on!  How much more confusing can this get!  To top it all off, one of the Oscar's had a mother who's maiden name was Freeman... the other Oscar's mother has a maiden name of Fleeman.  So, you can see where they are often confused for each other!

Here, I am going to attempt to separate them out, so the confusion can end!!

Oscar #1:  Oscar O. Lyle, son of Isaac H. Lyle and Frances Freeman.  (I have not really researched Isaac and his wife since they are not related directly to me).

Oscar #2: Robert Oscar Lyle, son of Jessie B. Lyle and Caroline Cynthia Fleeman.  I have researched Caroline's line.  This Fleeman branch ties into my Farmers.

Both Oscars are living in Jackson County Georgia with their parents in 1880.

1880 Jackson County, Georgia
Self Isaac H. Lyle M 37 Georgia, United States
Wife Frances L. Lyle F 33 Georgia, United States
Daughter Hester J. Lyle F 12 Georgia, United States
Son Hoyt L. Lyle M 10 Georgia, United States
Son Oscar O. Lyle M 8 Georgia, United States
Daughter Queen V. Lyle F 6 Georgia, United States
Daughter Mable V. Lyle F 4 Georgia, United States
Sister-in-law Lucretia Freeman F 42 Georgia, United States
Sister-in-law Minerva J. Freeman F 30 Georgia, United States

1880 Jackson County, Georgia
Self Jessie B. Lyle M 38 Georgia, United States
Wife Syntha C. Lyle F 33 Georgia, United States
Daughter Dorah A. Lyle F 14 Georgia, United States
Daughter Sarah E. Lyle F 12 Georgia, United States
Son James H. Lyle M 10 Georgia, United States
Son Oscar Lyle M 8 Georgia, United States
Son Charley L. Lyle M 5 Georgia, United States
Daughter Sarah E. Lyle F 2 Georgia, United States
Son Claude E. Lyle M 0 Georgia, United States

Just studying the census records, you can tell the two families apart!!  I have seen so many mistakes in files that could have been fixed by just checking out census records more closely! (For instance, I have an 1870 census record that shows a man age 35, and also in the home is a woman age 70.  I have seen people assume it is his mother.  Upon closer inspection of the record, you see that the man is recorded as white and the woman as black.  The woman is also noted as bring a house maid.  So it is clear from the record she is NOT his mother!)

1900 Bowling Green, Oglethorpe, Georgia
Head Oscar Lyle M 27 Georgia
Wife         Ella Lyle F 30 Georgia
Daughter Katie M Lyle F 3 Georgia

1910 Bowling Green, Oglethorpe, Georgia
SELF Oscar Lyle M 38y Georgia
WIFE Fannie Lyle F 34y Georgia
DAU Katie Lyle F 13y Georgia
DAU Birdie Lyle F 8y Georgia
SON Hugh Lyle M 6y Georgia
SON Harrison Lyle M 0y 9m Georgia
AUNT     Francis C Freeman F 68y Georgia

This 1910 census record shows that Oscar who married Fannie is the son of Isaac since his wife was a Freeman.  The aunt living in the home is also a Freeman.  She is either his mother's sister or sister-in-law.

Oscar O. Lyle's first wife was Ellen White.  A transcript the the record can be found here.  I do not know his second wife's maiden name, nor have I found that marriage record.

1900 Jackson County, Georgia
Head Robt O Lyle M 28 Georgia April 1872
Wife Ella Lyle F 24 Georgia Dec 1876
Daughter Cassie Lyle F 8 Georgia Dec 1892
Daughter Lollie Lyle F 6 Georgia Jul 1894
Son Herman Lyle M 2 Georgia Apr 1898

1910 Census:  Jefferson, Jackson, Georgia
SELF Robert A Lyle M 38y Georgia
WIFE Ella Lyle F 33y Georgia
SON Carrie Lyle M 16y Georgia
DAU Lollie Lyle F 14y Georgia
SON Herman Lyle M 12y Georgia
SON Hubert Lyle M 9y Georgia
SON Robert Lyle M 6y Georgia
DAU Anna Lyle F 2y Georgia

1930 DeKalb County, Georgia
Head Robert O Lyle M 57 Georgia
Wife Ella C Lyle F 53 Georgia
Daughter Annabel Lyle F 22 Georgia

1940 Jackson County, Georgia
Head R O Lyle M 68 Georgia
Wife Ella Lyle F 63 Georgia
Daughter Annie Belle Lyle F 33 Georgia

I know that Robert Oscar's wife was named Ella Mauldin.

So, I feel the above information is correct.  If you have anything to add or change, please comment below and let me know!

Sources (Other than listed above)
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

James McCollum and Eliza Mullinax

James McCollum was born in 1794 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  He married Eliza Mullinax.  She was born in 1809 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  I do not know very much on this couple.  When I first started researching this family, I had Eliza's maiden name as Mauldin.  I am not sure where this came from since I have never seen a record with Mauldin on it.  The death certificate of their son, William Earl, lists Eliza's maiden name as Mullinax.  I do not know her parents.  If anyone has a clue to point me towards them, please let me know!

I know of six children for this couple.

1.  Jane Elizabeth McCollum was born in 1828 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  She married William Peter Gilstrap.  They had 8 children:  William Andrew, John Wesley, Susan Athalinda, Elizabeth Ann, Sherman T., Martha Jane, Sarah Elizabeth and Emma Josephine.

2. Eliza A. McCollum was born in 1830 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  I know very little on her.  I know she was unmarried in 1860.  Did she marry after 1860 or did she pass away?  Any info is appreciated!

3.  Malissa McCollum was born in 1832 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  I suspect she married before she was 18, but to who?

4.  James Wesley McCollum was born on July 31, 1835 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  He married Jane S. Mauldin.  They had 10 children:  Harriett, James Lindsey, Lydia A., Ranson Nile, Elijah Cannon, Abraham Ford, Sallie Essie, Lillie Bell, Mary and Daisy.   He died on January 20, 1905 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  He and his wife were buried at Tabor United Methodist Church Cemetery in Pickens County, South Carolina.

5.  Martha M. McCollum was born in November 1837 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  She married Tillman Smith.  They had the following children:  Olivia and Laurence A. She died on January 30, 1931 in Pickens County, South Carolina.

6.  William Earl McCollum is my ancestor.  I will include more details on him in a future post.

James died after 1870 and Eliza died after 1860.  Anyone know where they were buried?

1850-1910 Pickens County Census Records
Death Certificate of William Earl McCollum

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elijah Stamps and Edmund Stamps

Another mystery to solve!  I noticed while researching the children of James Stamps and Elizabeth Davis that two of the children may be confused or that one doesn't really exist.  Elijah Stamps is said to be born c. 1815.  I have not seen ANY records for an Elijah being the son of James and Elizabeth.  There are, however, records for Edmund H. Stamps.

Here are the census records I have for Edmund's family.

1850 Census:  White Co. TN
Stamp   Edmund          26     TN
Stamp   Eliza H.          23     TN
Stamp   Eliza                2      TN
South    Joshua            19     ??

1870 Census:  Putnam Co. TN
Stamps   Elizabeth         80     VA (This is Elizabeth Davis)
Stamps   Elizabeth         43     TN (Edmund's wife)
Stamps   James              15     TN
Stamps   Mary Ann        14     TN
Stamps   Martha            11     TN
Stamps   Edward            5      TN
Stamps   Nancy              9      TN

His wife was Elizabeth Selby.  The "Eliza" in the 1850 census record seems that it should be Elija instead.

The researchers who include Elijah (b. 1850) in their files seem to have the same list of children for Elijah as they do for Edmund.  Odds are that if they both existed, they would not have named their children the exact same thing.  It seems more likely that the two are being confused, or that Elijah (1815) never even existed.  In the early census records for James and Elizabeth, only 2 sons are listed as being born before 1820.  One would be Sanford who was born in 1811 and the other William who was born around 1813.  There was another son, James, who was born in 1816, but he died young, so therefore is not listed on the census records.  In order for there to be an Elijah (1815) there should have been another son recorded on the census, unless he was not living with his family.

Census Records
Research of Will Stamps

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Samuel Ennis Keeton

So, there appears to be two Samuel Ennis Keetons. One born December 27, 1877 in Joplin, Missouri and died on February 13, 1972 in Comanche County, Texas. The second Samuel Ennis Keeton was born on May 18, 1879 in Boxley, Newton County, Arkansas and died on September 20, 1871 in Salem, Marion, Oregon. Every tree I have looked up has the first birthdate (only recorded as May 1880) with the 1972 death date. Clearly these two Samuel's are being confused! Most people state that Samuel Ennis Keeton was born May 1880 in Newton County, Arkansas and died on February 13, 1972 in Comanche County, Texas and as being a child of Joseph S. Keeton and Zella S. Whiteley.

It seems that people are just combining the two to fit the records they find, but there are two set of census records for each Samuel.

Samuel Ennis Keeton (1877-1972) married Willa Walton White on October 16, 1898. They had 10 children: Finis Fletcher, Mary Stella, Clarence Boyd, Louella May, Lillie Bernice, Willie Pauline, Robert Victor, Chester, Lester and Kittie Marie.

Samuel Ennis Keeton (1879-1971) married Ruth Bernetta Robinson and had the following children: Thelma Elizabeth, Samuel Ennis, Jack R., Thisba and George L.

Most people attribute the first Samuel to Joseph and Zella, while the 1900 census suggest the second one is more likely their son. Part of the confusion is that the Texas death certificate lists the first Samuel's father's name as Joe Keeton. Perhaps they are both sons of a Joseph? Also, the first Samuel is married by 1900, so why would he be on the census with his parents if he is already married?

In 1880, Samuel, son of Joseph and Zella is listed as 1 year old and being born in Arkansas. I cannot find a second Samuel born in 1877 anywhere, however, there is an S. Keeton age 3 years old, born in Missouri and listed as a son of J. M. Keeton. They are living in Bates County, Missouri. Perhaps the J. stands for "Joe?"

In 1900, Samuel, son of Joseph and Zella is listed as 20 and being born in May 1880 in Arkansas. The other Samuel is married to Willa and listed as being born in Feb. 1877 in Missouri. They are clearly TWO different people.

1910, Samuel has married Ruth and is living in San Jose County, California, age 30 born in Arkansas. Samuel and Willa are living in Brown County, Texas.

I have not found either Samuel in 1920.

In 1930, Samuel and Ruth are living in Los Angeles County, California. Samuel and Willa are living in Brown County, Texas.

In 1940, Samuel and Ruth are still living in Los Angeles County, California. I have not found Samuel and Willa.

It is clear there are two Samuel Ennis Keetons, both are probably sons of a man named Joseph. I feel, however, that the Samuel listed on most genealogies as the son of Joseph and Zella Keeton is incorrect and that the Samuel Ennis who married Ruth and lived in California is actually their son. If anyone has a document that says otherwise, please let me know!

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