Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Parantage of Mamie Galloway Hendricks

Proof of Mamie Galloway Hendricks's parents was difficult to come by, but I think I have a good trail to follow in order to prove who they were.

On Find-A-Grave, as well as several trees, she is listed as the daughter of Oscar S. Galloway and his wife Lou Annie Bryant.  I feel this is incorrect.  Oscar and Lou Annie do not show a daughter in their home named Mamie for any census record.  The supposed placement of Mamie as Oscar and Lou Annie's daughter comes from her obituary that apparently states she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Galloway.

So, I began to search.  I looked all over familysearch.org but did not find anything that proved Mamie was or was not Oscar's daughter.  I then moved my search to other member trees to see what they said about Mamie.  I found the tree of one of my close cousins who had Mamie as Oscar's daughter.  He is a good researcher, so I put weight on what he states.  I was still a little leery of accepting this, since no Mamie is in the census records with Oscar's family. So, I looked at Oscar in my cousin's files and noticed he had some newspaper articles.

These are the articles he had posted:
1926:  "The Pickens Sentinel", Pickens, SC, issue of 18 Feb. 1926: "Lon Galloway in Pickens County Jail Charged With the  Murder of Al Ramey - O. S. (Lon) Galloway is in the Pickens county jail charged with the murder of Al Ramey at a whiskey still in Laurel Fork on Thursday, February 11.  ......Al Ramey's dead body was found by George Holcombe last Friday.....O. S. (Lon) Galloway is a well known character in this county.  He is some sort of a preacher, but it is said not ordained.  His wife and nine children live at one of the mills in Liberty, but it is understood that Galloway has not lived with them for some time."
1926:  "The Pickens Sentinel", Pickens, SC, issue of 10 June 1926: "Galloway Gets Life Imprisonment - Found Guildy of Murder of Al Ramey; Jury Recommends Mercy of the Court - ........"
1937:  "The Pickens Sentinel", issue of 14 Oct 1937:"Galloway is Freed from State Bastile .

I noticed the (Lon) which is usually not a nickname for Oscar, so I went back on the search for a Lon/Lonnie/Alonzo who might have a daughter named Mamie and I found Alonzo S. Galloway and his wife Lela who had a daughter named Mamie who was born at the right time.  Also in 1920, Alonzo's name was recorded as Olonso, making his initials O. S. 

After some more looking, I found that Alonzo was most likely the O. S. Galloway mentioned in the articles.  In 1930, there is an Alonzo Galloway who is listed as an inmate in Richmond, SC while Oscar is at home with his family.  If Oscar had been the one accused of murder, he would be in jail, not with his family since he was not released until 1933.

So, in conclusion, I feel that the O. S. Galloway listed as Mamie's father is actually Alonzo Galloway and not Oscar Galloway and have reflected this believe in my tree.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Isreal/Ezra Justice born 1793

Many, if not all, researchers list a son named Ezra/Israel born in 1819 in Kentucky as his oldest son. It is clear from the older census records that he indeed had a son born between 1810 and 1820 and with his marriage happening in 1818, and a daughter already born in 1820, it would make sense that this son was born in 1819. That being said, I do have my doubts as to whether this son was the same Ezra who married Matilda Bishop Keen. Ezra, the younger, is listed as being 20-30 in 1840, which would fit with him being that oldest son, but there is one problem. Ezra was living out on his own in 1840, yet that oldest son of Israel is still living in his home. Also, in 1850 Ezra is listed as as being 45 (which is very clearly written) which would make his birth happening in 1805, which is way off from the 1819 birth year. I could not locate him any following census records, though some researchers site an 1860 record with a new wife, but his age is listed as 50 which would put him in line with the 1840 census but he would still be too old to be Israel's son.

If he is not Israel's son, then where does he belong?  Also, who is that oldest son of Israel if it is not Ezra?

If anyone has any records or documents to help prove the parentage of Ezra, please let me know.

Ramblings: John Flemming Justice born 1829

John Flemming Justice was born in 1829 and supposed died in Maryland in the Civil War in 1864. There was a J. F. Justice who fought and died, but what he this John? Why would he be fighting in the North and South Carolina armies when he is from Kentucky? (though after typing this, apparently Greenville Justice did the same?) Also, there is a Flemming on the census records in Boyd County (1870 and 1880) who matches this Flemming in age and there is a marriage record to back it up. I do not show another Justice family with a Flemming born around that time. The Flemming listed in 1860 seems to have had a wife prior to his wife on that census and it matches perfectly if Fleming married both to Lucinda Blackburn, then she died after having a daughter and then he married Mary in 1856 to have the rest of the children.

Maybe there are two Flemmings born around 1830, one who married Lucinda and died in the civil war and one who married Mary and had the family in Boyd county. If there are 2 Flemmings then why can't I find them both in 1850 and 1860? I have one record in each year, and the one for 1860 seems to show that Flemming had a first wife which would support the two Flemmings being one.

If anyone has any data to show more information on John Flemming Justice, please let me know! At the moment, I feel that there was only one John Flemming and that the J. F. from the civil war was another person. I have not read the civil war documents as I do not have access to them to review them myself, so if anyone has, please tell me what they actually say! The indexes I see only list him as J. F., so those two letters could stand for many different things.

Flemming Justice

Most researchers list a John Flemming Justice as the son of Greenville and Rebecca based on a death record that states that John Flemming Justice was born in 1861 and died in 1944 and his parents were listed as John Justice and Lucinda Justice. There is NO census record that states a John EVER being in Greenville's home. There is a John Flemming and Lucinda Blackburn Justice who were married in 1851, but that John had remarried in 1856 and there is no son who would match the aforementioned record in the census data for that family either.

So who is this John Flemming Justice? He does not seem to fit with the only two families in the area who had a mother named Lucinda at the time he was born. My conclusion in the matter is that I do not think his name was John, but feel that James was the name he was given and that he is indeed the youngest child of Greenville.

I feel that this child of Greenville (how John and Greenville look the same I do not know, but without seeing the actual hand written record, I cannot determine the name for sure) is the best match for this Flemming. In the 1870 census record, the letter after James's name is easily read as A, H or F, as all the loops in the census takers writing and the poor copy of the record makes the letter hard to discern. On his marriage record, his name is recorded as James F. Justice. Why his death record is the only one which lists John as his name I do not know. Jas. and Jhn. of abbreviated can look similar if the handwriting is sloppy. Again, without seeing the death record to see how the name was written, I will not know for sure. On all other records, he is recorded as Flem or Fleming or some variation of that name. No where else is he referred to as James or John.

In my file, I have included James Fleming Justice, son of Greenville and Rebecca Lucinda Ferrell Justice unless someone can provide me with proof otherwise.

1870 - 1940 censuses - Pike County, Kentucky
Marriage Record - James F. Justice and Mary Ann Robinson
Birth/Death/Marriage Records of Flem and Mary Ann Robinson Justice's children

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lucinda Justice Hall

I think I am about ready to pull my hair out with this family.  I am trying to figure out which Lucinda be longs with what family and I am a bit perplexed by this Lucinda.

Lucinda Justice Hall, by all accounts of all family trees I have seen has her as the daughter of Jonathan Justice and Hannah Doty. This seems odd to me since Lucinda's family is living in close proximity to John and Edmund, both sons of John and Elizabeth Young.  I though she belonged with them since she is living near two other children of John and Elizabeth as well as the fact that she, being born in Kentucky, moved back with them, around the same time, to Virginia.  While I currently have no Lucinda Justice attached to John and Elizabeth, they did have an unaccounted for daughter who would have been born between 1810-1820.

Then, I began to do a little searching on Edmund and found that his second wife was a Polly Ann Hall, daughter of a William Hall and Lucy.  Most people assume that the Lucinda here is a Justice and that Polly is her daughter.  Edmund also has a son named Joshua who married a Rachel Hall, also a daughter of William and Lucy.  Again, she is assumed to be Lucinda Justice's daughter.  If this is true, then if Lucinda were John and Elizabeth's then that would mean Edmund married his niece and Joshua his first cousin.  The first cousin one I have no problem with but it was very uncommon to marry a niece.  So, this would make since for Lucinda to be Jonathan and Hannah's daughter.  

So, then I began to look into Lucinda more and found that there was no Polly/Mary Ann Hall or Rachel Hall living with William and Lucinda in 1850.  One would think an 18 year old and a 14 year old girl would still be living with their parents in 1850 if they did not marry until after that census.  I could not locate another William or Lucinda in that area who had a Polly and a Rachel.  

So, I expanded my search and I found something quite interesting.  There are TWO Lucinda Justices who married a Hall.  In Letcher County, Kentucky, just a few counties away, I found a Lucinda Hall, widowed, with her children and guess what?!  She had daughters Polly Ann age 18 and a Rachel age 11.  Pretty darn close if you ask me!

Now, the only thing that doesn't really work is that this particular Lucinda married a Jonathan Hall.  Her son, Jonathan, is listed as a Jr. in his marriage record.  I also have the following that identifies her husband as a Jonathan:
Book: 13th KentuckyCavalry, C.S.A. : Caudill's Army
By Ben Caudill CampNo. 1629
Hall, Jonathan J.: (3/13/1833-6/12/1916), Co. A, serv. prev.5th KY Inf., Co. F. pension states he serv. 5th KY Inf., Co. F. and 13th KYCav., Co. A. that he was disc. in Lecter Co. 1864 & was paroled on6/3/1865, res. Letcter Co. 1860, b. Floyd Co., s. of Jonathan & Lucinda(Justice) Hall, rec. KT Confed. Pension #675 & #3650 Knott Co. 1912, deaconin Mallett Fork Old Regular Baptist Church, m. Mary "Polly" Cook(1834-1920) 1850, d. Pinetop, bur. Watts-Cook Cem., Pinetop, Knott Co., KY.
Now, this Lucinda, who married Jonathan, is living a few doors away from Allison Justice, who is a son of Jonathan Justice and Hannah Doty.  If Lucinda who married Jonathan Hall is a daughter of Jonathan and Hannah instead of the other Lucinda, then there would be no issues if Edmund married Polly Ann since she would not be his niece.  

So, with everything said, is it possible that Lucinda who married William Hall is a daughter of John and Elizabeth Young and that Lucinda who married Jonathan Hall is the daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Doty?  Is there some record I am missing?

1850 Census:  Letcher County, Kentucky; Russell County, Viginia
Marriage Record of Edmund I Justice and Polly Ann Hall
Book: 13th Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A. : Caudill's Army By Ben Caudill Camp No. 1629
Research of Thomas Harold Justice

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Justice in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

Who do these Justices belong to?

In 1830 in Lawrence County Kentucky, two Justice men appear in the census records:  John and Bram.

John's record shows 2M(0-5) 2M(5-10) 1M(15-20) 1M(20-30) 1M(50-60) 2F(10-15) 1F(15-20) 1F(30-40)
Bram's record shows 1M(20-30) 1F(0-5) 1F(20-30)

It would appear these men are father and son.  They are living right next door to each other in this record.

In 1840, Bram is gone, most likely in Johnson County.  John is still there as well as two new Justice males living right next to him, Ehud and Eli.

John's record shows 2M(10-15) 2M(15-20) 1M(60-70) 1F(20-30) 1F(40-50)
Ehud's record shows 1M(0-5) 1M(20-30) 1F(0-5) 1F(20-30)
Eli's record shows 1M(0-5) 1M(30-40) 1F(5-10) 1F(20-30)

There is also a George Justice living in Lawrence County in 1840.  He, however, came from Floyd County, Kentucky and is a son of William Justice and Margaret Johnson and does not seem closely related to the above John.  I had looked into him being a brother of George, but it appears that George's brother, John, moved back to Virginia to raise his family.

By 1850, John must have died.  There is a record who appears to be Ehud, but it is very hard to read.  Eli is easily found in the census.

Ehud's home shows he is 35 and born in Kentucky.  There is no wife in the home, apparently she had passed away sometime between 1844 and 1850.  Children include: Lerviny age 13, John age 9, Angeline age 6, Cordelia age 4, all born in Kentucky.

Eli's home shows him age 40, his wife, Elizabeth age 37, and son, William age 10.

There are several other young Justice men living in the county by 1850 and after separating out all of George's children, I feel like the rest should be children of John, as no other older Justice moves into the area.

The tree as I see it:

John Justice was born between 1770 and 1780.  He died before 1850.  He married Sarah.  She was born in 1790 in Virginia.  She died after 1850.

1.  Abyram Justice was born in 1809 in Kentucky.
2.  Elijah Justice was born in 1810 in Kentucky.
3.  Female Justice born between 1810 and 1815 in Kentucky (1813?)
4.  Ehud Justice was born in 1815 in Kentucky.
5.  Female Justice born between 1815 and 1820 in Kentucky. (1817?)
6.  Female Justice born between 1815 and 1820 in Kentucky. (1819?)
7.  David Justice was born in 1821 in Kentucky.
8.  Male Justice born between 1820 and 1825 in Kentucky. (1823?)
9.  Male Justice born between 1825 and 1830 in Kentucky. (1826?)
10. Male Justice born between 1825 and 1830 in Kentucky. (1828?)

1.  Abyram Justice was born in 1809 in Kentucky.  His wife died between 1847 and 1850.  He is found in Johnson County, Kentucky in 1850.  Also living in the same county is Samuel Justice, who is a son of Edmund and Rodesia Layne Justice.

1a.  Female Justice born between 1825 and 1830 in Kentucky. (1830?)
2a.  Ehud Justice born 1832 in Kentucky.
3a.  Bethalia Justice born 1834 in Kentucky.
4a.  Duriecy Justice was born in 1839 in Kentucky.
5a.  Andrew Justice was born in 1841 in Kentucky,
6a.  Susanah Justice was born in 1845 in Kentucky.
7a.  Savanah Justice was born in 1847 in Kentucky.

2.  Elijah Justice was born in 1810 in Kentucky.  He married Elizabeth.  She was born in 1813 in Kentucky.

1b.  Female Justice born between 1830 and 1835 in Kentucky.
2b.  William Justice born 1840 in Kentucky.

4. Ehud Justice was born in 1815 in Floyd County, Kentucky.  His first wife died sometime before 1850.  He married second to Phebe Pack.  She was born in 1833 in Kentucky,

Children with 1st wife:
1c. Lerviny Justice born 1837 in Kentucky
2c  John Justice born 1840 in Kentucky
3c. Angeline Justice born 1844 in Kentucky
4c. Cordelia Justice born 1846 in Kentucky.

Children with Phebe Pack
5c.  Levi Justice born 1852 in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

** Most researches state that this Ehud, the one who Phebe, is the son of Abyram.  I do not feel this is correct,  I think they are two different Ehuds since the marriage record states his birth year is 1818, which fits with this Ehud more.  Abyram's Ehud was most likely born in Lawrence County, Kentucky, not Floyd County as the marriage record states.  Abyram's Ehud married a Mary in Johnson County, Kentucky in 1859.  He does appear to have had a first wife, but I do not think it was Phebe.

7.  David Justice was born in 1821 in Kentucky.  He married Margaret.  She was born in 1827 in Kentucky.  In 1850, a Sarah Justice, aged 60 is living with him.  I assume she is his mother and that she was the wife of John since no other female fits his wife in the census.

Another possibility for David is that he is the son or brother-in-law of the below Elizabeth and Sarah is his mother or grandmother.  A Sarah married William Justice who was the father of James who could be the husband of the widowed Elizabeth below.  William and Sarah also had a son named David,  A note I saw stated "David Justice, Administrator of the estate of James Justice, deceased, deed dated 3-09-1849, tract of land to Allen Justice.Page: B-30."

1d.  Nancy J. Justice was born in 1844 in Kentucky.
2d.  Julie Justice was born in 1846 in Kentucky.
3d.  Sarah M. Justice was born in 1848 in Kentucky.

Other Lawrence County, Justices.

In 1850 in Lawrence County also appears the following family.
Elizabeth Justice F 45 Kentucky
Allen Justice M 23 Kentucky
Rhoda Justice F 19 Kentucky
Nancy Justice F 16 Kentucky
Elizabeth Justice F 12 Kentucky
Manerva Justice F 8 Kentucky

If Elizabeth's husband was at least 45, he would be too old to be one of John's children since his other sons in 1830 are accounted for.  They may have been married before 1830 and still be John's son, but without knowing where John was in 1820 to see if he had an older son, I cannot positively say this Elizabeth is a daughter-in-law of John.  It appears she may have been the wife of James Justice who was born in 1804.  He died in 1846.

If Sarah's husband was older than she by a couple of years then these three families could represent the three unknown sons for John.  They all, however, could also be sons of the widowed Elizabeth listed above.

Sarah Justice F 23 Kentucky
Anna Justice F 3 Kentucky
Elizabeth Justice F 2 Kentucky

Pilot Justice        M 24 Kentucky born 1826
Margaret Justice F 19 Kentucky

Hamilton Justice M 22 Kentucky born 1828
Martha Justice F 17 Kentucky

If I had to guess where this John belongs, I would choose John Justice who was the son of Simeon and Elizabeth Turley Justice.  According to the notes in my file, John's brother, Simeon, settled in Beaver Creek in Floyd County which later became part of Lawrence County.  Since these Justice families tended to live close to their relatives, it would make sense if John lived here too.  The only census record I have for John, son of Simeon, is an 1810 census which is the right age and shows 2 males 0-10 in the home, which would fit with the above John.  I could not locate a John in Floyd County in 1820 who would work for either John.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Daniel Justice

Who is this Daniel Justice?

1840 Henderson County, North Carolina
Daniel Justice 1M(40-50)

1860 Henderson Co. North Carolina
Violet Philips F 74 South Carolina
[illegible] Philips F 35 North Carolina
Daniel Justus M 60 ??

1870 Henderson County, North Carolina
Anthoset Philips F 44 North Carolina
Violet Philips F 86 South Carolina
D Justice M 77 North Carolina

I have not located him in 1850 nor in any records after 1870.  Most researchers note that Amos Justice had a son named Daniel and claim his name is stated in his will, but the only child I see listed in his will is a John D.  

Daniel is the right age to be an elder son of Amos.  He is also the right age to be the eldest son of Jarrett.  Jarrett has a son in 1790 but he is not listed in 1800, unless he was born in 1790 and had not yet turned 10 by the 1800 census and then had left the home by 1810.   

If anyone has any incite as to who Daniel might belong to, please let me know!